What we do

It all started with mystery shopping. Thanks to the outcomes from mystery shoppine we are able to focus on your real needs in training and development program. 

We performed thousands of mystery visits, hundreds of training days and event solutions, dozens of satisfied and stable clients with no debts.

This is called Hello family.

We create solutions for every client regardless their size. We have longterm clients with two branches and also with hundreds of branches and employees. We provide mystery shopping services, market research, training and development sessions and company's events. We don't provide one standard solution - we adjust our system to your needs with high performance and precision. We stand strongly for our work done. 



We provide our services in the Czech republic, Slovakia, Polan, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Benelux countries and U.S.A..


Innovation - Mystery shopping, secret customers, business representatives and  staff. Market research, presentations, recommendations, measuring satisfaction, loyalty, emotions and customers experiences. Retail people traffic, public opinion or ) inventory stocks. Hello Innovation.

Event - Events, venues, parties, team building, promo events, conferences, etc. Selection of location, preparation of schedule, program creation, supervision, photo / video, presenters and unusual experiences. Hello Event.

Motivation - Training and education. Mystery shopping accurately shows the strengths and weaknesses of the customer relationship. We customize the  content and theme of each specific training, professional and experienced instructor, demonstration lesson, education Plan, feedback and assessment for the client. Hello Motivation.

People - HR and personnel, preparation of positions, CV selection, interviews and recommendations 2-3 suitable candidates to the advertised position. Hello People.


5700 Mystery
2500    Visits per month




Interested in our services? Interested in
our services?
Send us an inquiry from the Web or call and we will schedule a meeting.
Introduction meeting Introduction
We will identify your needs, requirements, extent and objectives. We will introduce you our customized Innovation System (IS).

In the following meeting, we will specify all the details, propose a questionnaire and a contract.
System of controls System of controls
The process of control is executed by our educated shoppers. The results are entered directly into Innovation System and detailed documentation is created.
Evaluation  Evaluation;
You will receive the processed data from research in IS, recommendations for further steps management actions and a proposal with follow-up actions.



In case that a serious shortcoming is found, we will recommend further steps regarding educational activities for your employee with Hello Motivation.
Thanks to mystery shopping you will see employees behave to a real customer. How they represent your company, how they working with customer needs and sell your products and services. And this is just the beginning. We examine loyalties, emotions, and unexpected behavior. We measure your competitors, retail traffic, and use also controversial scenarios if needed..

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